If you’ve had the opportunity to sit in Quill and chat with a member of the team, you know that there’s so much more that goes into the makings of a great bartender in addition to knowing how to mix the perfect cocktail; from reading the room to lending a sympathetic ear. We asked the Quill team what makes for a great bartender and here are some of their responses!

1. Curiosity
The craft and the customers are constantly changing. Without the curiosity to converse with people and become interested in growing in the craft of bartending, it is difficult to be a great bartender.

2. Warmth
Have you ever had a server that you could tell did not care? Warmth allows a great server to connect with each customer and provide a fluid guest experience.

3. Organization
A lot happens in a bar and having solid organization skills makes the server able to handle multiple tasks at one time.

4. Dedication
Dedication spans all throughout the daily activities of bartenders when making and creating drinks but it also has a lot to do with the team. A supportive team allows good bartenders to grow to become great bartenders.

5. Perceptiveness
We are all human. Everyone has good and bad days. Many bartenders can read people before they even introduce themselves and that makes for a comfort level for each guest that sits at the bar.

So the next time you’re watching your bartender stir the perfect Manhattan or one of their own custom creations, don’t hesitate to ask them about their craft; they are more than happy to share a story or two!