April 13th is one of our favorite days of the year; it’s Thomas Jefferson’s birthday!

Jefferson was a politician, scientist, explorer, architect, conversationalist, lover of the arts, a man intrigued by nature and much more. This Saturday, pay homage to Jefferson at our DC hotel where we pay tribute to the third President of the United States:

A Toast in Quill

Thomas Jefferson had a fascination for France and the culture of the French people. Jefferson loved French cooking techniques so much he had his personal chef learn these techniques to take back with them to Monticello. The all-glass bar in Quill, designed in France, brings the touch of French luxury to every drink served in Quill.

Explore Madeira

The Jefferson’s Plume bar is home to one of the largest collections of vintage Madeira wine in the United States. Did you know the Declaration of Independence, authored by Jefferson, was toasted with Madeira? Join us at the bar to experience a piece of history one sip at a time.

Where is Marquis de Lafayette?

Can you find the photo of General Marquis de Lafayette in The Jefferson? If not, ask the Concierge (hint, hint). Lafayette was a French General and friend of Jefferson’s. The two wrote thousands of letters to one another in their retirement which has helped historians to understand Jefferson in the later years of his life.

Relax in the Book Room

If you’ve ever wondered what books Jefferson would have been interested in, we suggest wandering into the Book to view selected books that were written during Jefferson’s life. Just like the former President, The Jefferson values education and participates in the First Library Program allowing every guest to make a difference just like Thomas Jefferson.

So this Saturday, raise a glass to Jefferson and the many contributions he made to everyday life!