We all miss dining out. We miss getting dressed, hopping in the car and sitting down to a meal that wasn’t made in our own kitchen. While Plume, our fine dining restaurant in Washington, DC may currently be closed, we asked Executive Chef, Ralf Schlegel to share some of his recipes that can be made at home. You may not be seated by Sean, or have your menus handed to you by Christian, but you can still enjoy our gougére as an indulgent way to begin any meal at home.

The city of origin of these delicious bites is unknown, but they are said to have been introduced to the world something in the seventeenth century near Burgundy where they were known to have paired well with the wine of the region. Sometime in the early twentieth century, they took on their name, “gougére.” Every chef has their own recipe for this light and flaky pastry, some use cheese while others use pepper and nutmeg to give the gougére a sweeter taste.

At Plume, Chef Schlegel prefers to use two types of cheese: Gruyere and Parmesan to ensure that each bite is rich and flavorful.

Plume Gougéres
Pre-heat your oven to 325°

You will need:
Cookie Sheet dusted with Flour
Pastry Bag

2/3 C Butter
1 C All Purpose Flour
5 Eggs
¾ C Gruyere Cheese
¾ C Parmesan Cheese
1 C Milk

-On medium heat, bring the Milk and Butter to a boil
-Keeping the heat on, add in the Flour and stir into the liquid
until fully combined; a dough will form quickly
-Continue to stir until you see a white crust start to form on
the bottom of the pot
-Transfer the dough into a large bowl and fold in one egg at a
time until fully combined
-Add in both cheeses
-Place the dough in a piping bag and portion out onto a flour-
dusted cookie sheet
-Bake for 20 mins, until golden brown