Our Founding Fathers Feud is heating up this summer! In case you haven’t heard, Hamilton: An American Musical starts it’s DC run today and the city is Hamilcited! In anticipation of this great musical touching down in our nation’s capital, we asked our in-house historian, Susan Sullivan Lagon, Ph.D., to recommend some reads to get you in the Hamilmood.

Did you know that Jefferson was the yin to Hamilton’s yang at a pivotal time in American history? Jefferson could afford to be the idealist while Hamilton was the realist. Both were brilliant, passionate, and well aware of their own gifts. “Cool” Jefferson was the gentlemanly diplomat who had a way with words while “hot” Hamilton was the fighter, “young, hungry, and scrappy.”

Lin-Manuel Miranda was inspired to write Hamilton: An American Musical after reading Ron Chernow’s Alexander Hamilton on vacation. Here are a few other suggestions for your summer reading to learn more about our Founding Fathers.

Joseph Ellis, Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation – Six highly readable vignettes.

John Ferling, Jefferson and Hamilton – A close look at their complementary relationship.

Stanley Elkins & Eric McKittrick, The Age of Federalism – Team Hamilton’s view

John B. Boles, Thomas Jefferson: Architect of American Liberty – Team Jefferson’s view

Olivier Bernier, The World in 1800 – Puts Jefferson and Hamilton in global context

Be sure to check out our own Founding Fathers Feud this summer and we hope to see you soon!