• Hi, I’m Lord Monticello (Monti for short) and I was a candidate in the 2016 election.

    Sadly, while winning the popular vote, I lost by just a few electoral college votes!

    While I don't know what's next for me, I hope you’ll follow me on Instagram @thejeffersondc and @lordmonti 

    Meet Monti


    As the resident beagle at The Jefferson, DC, I care deeply about the well being of our guests and other four legged friends living in Washington, DC. Although I am not the President, I am still the the leader of the Leash Party & our goals are:

    1. Free bacon for all
    2. The elimination of squirrels nation-wide
    3. Fair wages for all hotel dogs
    4. The dog’s right to choose whether or not to live with a cat
    5. Continuing care for all senior dogs
    6. Adoption of all dogs worldwide
    7. Fighting for the rights of all beagles
    8. Fighting climate change (so no dog will ever have to wear a raincoat again)



    The Leash Party and The Jefferson, DC are selling t-shirts and calendars to help some of our favorite organizations including Dog Tag Bakery and the Warrior Canine Connection. To purchase #Monti4Prez t-shirts, calendars, please contact marketing@jeffersondc.com.